Jeepers Jumpers is a board game for one or two players. It is similar to Checkers. You can play with a friend or match your wits against the computer. In the game, armies of frogs and toads swarm out from their home territory and try to take over the opponent's territory. Unlike Checkers, in this game the pieces are not captured.


Jeepers Jumpers

The game strategy involves defending your home camp, while at the same time trying to take over your opponent's territory.

MOVES: Frogs and toads can move to any available adjacent lily pad. For a turn, a player can hop or jump. A hop is when a player taps a frog or toad and then swipes to an adjacent square as the destination. If a frog or toad from either team occupies an adjacent position the player can jump. Jumps earn a bonus turn.

Pass a turn by tapping the flag bearer frog or toad. The game resets if both players pass their turns.

WINNING: The first player to completely take over the other player's camp wins the game. To prevent a player from simply leaving a frog or toad in the camp forever, a camp is considered captured if all the positions are occupied.

Relax and unwind as you play. The colorful gameboard and animated frogs will appeal to players of all ages.


for iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

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