Explore the way in which plants survive through the process of photosynthesis...
An interactive app to inspire an interest in biology and science in general...

Plants convert energy from the Sun into chemical energy that animals Through photosynthesis green plants use sunlight to synthesize food. Plants use carbon dioxide and water to create sugars and as a byproduct release oxygen. Generally photosynthesis involves processes that occur in the green pigment chlorophyll and result in the generation of oxygen as a beneficial byproduct.

Interactive Photosynthesis leads students through illustrated lessons that explain how photosynthesis works. When students complete a lesson a quiz is presented that to measure their understanding of the material presented.

Synthetic speech can be used to read the lessons and quiz questions aloud. Sound effects make using the app fun. A scoreboard shows how well the student did on the quizzes.



Special features make using the Interactive Photosynthesis app fun:

1. Use the app to explore the way in which plants survive through the process of photosynthesis.

2. Save your scores to show your teacher, parents and friends.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS and Apple TV (tvOS).

5. Available at a discount to schools participating in Apple's Volume Purchase Program.