A Board Game Style App Providing Math Practice for Elementary Students!
An Animated Gameboard to Help Students Master Basic Math Skills...


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This board game style app is designed to help early elementary age students practice and master basic arithmetic. Play begins by selecting an arithmetic skill: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. A players turn involves answering a math problem and taking a spin. The spin determines how many spaces the player can move his or her frog marker. The first player to reach the finish line wins the game.

As the players move along the game occasionally they will land on a lily pad with a delicious fly. Capture a fly and get rewarded with an extra spin. If one player leaps over the other player, the players gets to move one additional space.

Hop To It Math is perfect for math students in the primary grades. The game is fun for players of all ages. Parents and teachers will enjoy using this game with their kids. Animation and sound effects add the joy of using this game to improve math skills.

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Level 1:
Addition - Whole Numbers (1-10)
Subtraction - Whole Numbers (1-18)
Multiplication - Facts (1-5)
Division - Facts (up to 25 ÷ 5)

Level 2:
Addition - Whole Numbers (0-20)
Subtraction - Whole Numbers (1-40)
Multiplication - Facts (0-12)
Division - Facts (up to 144 ÷ 12)

Special features make using Hop To It Math fun:

1. Animation and sound effects make learning exciting.

2. Tap to choose which skill to practice.

3. Random effects increase student interest.

4. Frogs, flies, fish and dragonflies -- what could be more fun?

5. Available for iPad and Apple TV- $0.99.

  Imagine the fun and excitement you kids will have playing Hop to It Math on your giant TV screen. With Hop to It Math for Apple TV, your kids will have fun while improving math skills. Hop to It Math is part of our Family Time Math series.

Hop to It Math is available for iOS and tvOs devices.