A Virtual Geoboard for Real Learning...

Hands-On Math Geoboard in Action

Our Geoboard is a very useful way for student's to visualize shapes which leads to a better understanding of geometry. Use the Hands-on Math Geoboard to have students draw and analyze figures. Using simple gestures colors and shapes can be selected and drawn on the Geoboard. Use the Geoboard to illustrate the properties of shapes, geometric ideas such as symmetry and basic formulas used to compute area, perimeter and circumference.

Drawing a Triangle
Using the Geoboard to Teach Symmetry
Constructing Basic Shapes
Exploring Area and Perimeter
Plotting Figures on a Coordinate Grid

The Hands-On Math Geoboard creates a virtual geoboard on your iPad. It simulates the use of a popular math manipulative used to teach basic geometry and is perfect for elementary and middle school classrooms.

A geoboard is one of the best ways to help students explore and discover geometry. Students draw line segments, rectangles or circles on a 5x5 pegboard. As they draw geometric feedback is reported on a note card helping students better understand length, perimeter, and area.

Using Hands-On Math Geooard students can develop the following important mathematical concepts:

  • Properties of shapes
  • Composing and decomposing plane figures
  • Measurement
  • Naming numbers
  • Symmetry
  • Drawing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes
  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Naming and recognization basic shapes
  • Length, area, perimeter, circumference, radius and diameter
  • Coordinate Geometry

Draw a Triangle

Here's a quick demo of how easy it is to draw triangle using the Hands-On Math Geoboard. (Click to view the movie.)

Draw Basic Geometric Shapes

Here's a quick demo of how easy it is to draw geometric figures using the Hands-On Math Geoboard. (Click to view the movie.)

A Variety of Options Make Our Geoboard App Useful in Teaching Many Concepts.

This quick demo shows several of the options available in the app. (Click to view the movie.)

Learn about Symmetry.

In this demo you can see how the symmetry options make teaching about symmetry fun. (Click to view the movie.)

Area and Perimeter.

Options make it possible to draw planes on the Geoboard. In this demo you can see these options in action. (Click to view the movie.)


  • Interactive Geoboard for Exploration and Discovery.
  • Supports Discovery and Directed Teaching Strategies.
  • Problem Solving Activities which Can Be Solved Using Virtual Manipulatives.
  • The Hands-On Math Geoboard App Helps to Build Fundamental Math Concepts.
  • On/Off Options and Controls for Various Features.



pdf [ Instructor's Guide (PDF) ]

We recommend that you open the Instructor's Guide PDF from your iPad in a new browser page and save the document in your iBooks app.





The Geoboard is used draw line segements, squares and circles. With these basic tools students construct geometric shapes.

Possible Topics:

  • Names of Shapes and Their Properties
  • Area, Perimeter, Circumference
  • Symmetry
  • Classification of Angles
  • Measurement
  • Coordinate Geometry


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Geoboard Functions

By tapping an icon the student can select a color for the figure. By tapping a shape icon the student can draw either a line segment, rectangle or circle. Other option provide more learning opportunities.

  • Select a Line Segment, Rectangle or Circle
  • Label Points with letters A-Z
  • Mirror Icons Activate or Deactive Symmetry Functions.
  • Dimensions Are Reported as Figures are Drawn
  • Tap the Eraser to Undo the Previous Action
  • Tap the Trash Can to Clear the Geoboard
  • Optional Sounds and Speech Functions

Explore and Document

Activities at a variety of skill levels are also provided. Students are encouraged to document their discoveries in a journal. A comprehensive teacher's guide provides lesson ideas at a variety of levels.

  • Perfect for Small Group instruction
  • Environmentally Friendly Learning - (no need to photocopy activity pages for each student)
  • A Student-Centered Approach to Learning

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Hands-On Math Geoboard is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.