Help Your Students Improve Logical Thinking Skills...


GridMania for iPad and Apple TV is a useful tool for any teacher who is interested in stimulating logical thinking skills.

GridMania is a challenging puzzle game where the object is to move the critters onto their shadows. To move a critter navigate the number next to a critter and then push it in the direction you want the critter to move.

The critter will keep moving until it hits a block or another critter. The bumper can also be used to move blocks.

Play continues until all the critters have found their shadows.


Available for iOS and tvOS.




GridMania is specifically designed to work well on all iOS and tvOS running the current operating systems. Sound effects enhance the users enjoyment of the games and auditory rewards motive students to solve the puzzles.

The Benefits of Solving Puzzles

You know the feeling when you get that "aha" moment and want to run through the streets shouting "Eureka!". What is it about solving puzzles that is so satisfying? Recently researchers have investigated the urge to solve puzzles and have attempted to explain the brain mechanisms involved.

There is some evidence that early people had an interest in problem solving. Major breakthroughs like the invention of the wheel and learning to control fire happened rarely, but finding solutions to small problems probably occurred on a regular basis.

Some people like to solve puzzles and others like to design them. Which one are you? Math ability and music seem to be related to problem solving ability. In many cases puzzle solving ability requires the ability to synthesize several different pieces of information and the ability to see patterns. Activities like solving the GridMania puzzles can help to develop puzzle solving skills.

GridMania is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.