An Exciting Introduction to Programming...
Interactive Excitement in a New App Exclusively for Apple TV...

FrogGo is an exciting game that provides an introduction to the fundamentals of computer programming for young kids in grades K-3.This app is designed to engage young learners and help them build a conceptual understanding of programming. The app helps kids think about how to sequence basic control commands to achieve a specific outcome. Learning programming concepts helps them advance from being merely computer users to creators. Players learn to control their animated frogs to move about a grid capturing prizes as they move. The basics of creating a program using an click-to-choose interface makes it very easy to stay focused on the goal. Using the Siri remote players swipe to select commands and then excute their program.


1. Forward.

2. Right Turn 90°.

3. Left Turn 90°.

4. Jump.

5. Repeat 2X.

6. Repeat 3X.


FrogGo supports S.T.E.M educational goals. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are critically important 21st Century skills. Computational thinking is an essential process that is used in most careers. In FrogGo each player's turn begins with analyzing a problem, breaking it down into components parts or steps and then describing a path to a solution using algorithmic thinking. A programming sequence is defined by choosing from a list of functions. Sequences of commands are successful if they lead to one of three goals (flies, stars or trophies). Programs that don't work need to be 'debugged' by the player.

Players define a sequence of programming commands to move their frog to collect various prizes. The goal is to program a frog to move from lily pad to lily pad, avoid moving out of bounds, and to collect more prizes than the opponent.