Fraction Tiles, a great way to get better at working with fractions...
Interactive Excitement and a GreatWay to Practice Mental Math...

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Use Fraction Tiles to practice adding and subtracting fractions. The activity involves finding three fractions that can be added or subtracted to make an given proper fraction or mixed number.

The interactive tiles can be moved into one of three positions to make an expression. As the tiles are moved the comparison symbol changes to show whether the expressions is larger or smaller than the target fraction. Students using the app will need to find a common denominator in order to solve the problem.

Each successful answer earns a gold star. The goal is to earn 10 gold stars to be awarded a trophy.

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Special features make using Fraction Tiles fun:

1. Interactive Fraction Tiles snap into place automatically.

2. The Fraction Tiles can be shown numerically or pictorially.

3. As the Fraction Tiles are played the comparison automatically changes.

4. Turn sound effects on or off.

5. Available for iPad and Apple TV.


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Purchase Fraction Tiles from the App Store and get the Apple TV version included at no extra charge. Use Fraction Tiles in your living room or classroom on your Apple TV.