Use Football Scoreboard to Keep Score at any Football Game.
The Simplicity of Operation Makes this App Useful in a Variety of Situations...

Football Scoreboard is a simulation of a simplified scoreboard typically found at community football fields. The app is useful in any situation where it is necessary to keep an accurate score for a football game.

Often times the scoreboard at community football fields or the parks used for football leagues are not working during the game. The Football Scoreboard app is available to you whenever and wherever you have your iPhone with you.

There are a broad number of applications for Football Scoreboard:

  • Parents and fans at coommunity football games.
  • Players and fans at high school football games.
  • Classroom football games (i.e. Math Quizzes).

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Special features make using Football Scoreboard fun to use:

1. Tap the arrow icons to edit the score.

2. Tap the character icon to change the announcer's voice.

3. Use the recycle icon to reset the scoreboard.

4. Turn sound effects speech on or off by tapping the settings button.

5. Designed for iPhone and includes Apple TV. Also available for iPad.






  Ideas for Teachers  

Use Football Scoreboard Deluxe in the classroom for some fun math problems:


1. Show a random number of points for the home team and different random number for the guest team. What's the difference?

  2. If the scoreboard shows that it is the 3rd quarter, how many quarters remain?  
  3. If the scoreboard shows ball on the home teams 35 yard line, what fraction represents the distance to the goal line.  
  4. Make a circle graph to compare the scores for the home team and the guest team.  
  5. Show 24 points for the home team in the 4th quarter. What is the average number of points per quarter.  
  6. Put two random scores on the scoreboard. What is the total? What is the difference?  
  7. Use the countdown clock as a timer for quizzes and tests.