A New and Exciting Puzzle with Fun Features!
For Apple TV.
Interactive Excitement in a Challenging Puzzle

Find the Difference

Find the Difference is a challenging puzzle game where the object is to arrange the number between any two numbers is the difference. Puzzles are randomly generated and so the game can be played over and over again providing hours of fun. If you like soduku or magic square puzzles then you will love Find the Difference. $0.99

Special features make using Find the Difference fun:

1. Slide numbers into place to solve puzzle.

2. Random puzzles automatically generated.

3. Sound effects.

4. Available for Apple TV.



Find the Difference Apple TV


Find the Difference

Find the Difference - Is now available for Apple TV. It's completely customized to take advantage of Apple TV's unique features. Use the track pad to select and move the markers. The graphics are stunning and rendered at 1920 x 1080 pixels. Why on Apple TV? The concept is that solving math problems together with a group adds to the fun and involvement. Every puzzle is a unique challenge. We think you will enjoy Find the Difference for tvOS.


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