Explore Earth Science Using an Exciting Interactive Learning Tool!
Interactive Excitement in a Feature Packed Learning Tool


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Discover fascinating information using the Interactive Earth Science Explorer. Select the topic that you wish to explore and then hit the power button to whiz off to views of the Earth that lead to even more interesting facts. When you arrive a myriad of interesting facts await you.

Tap a button access interesting data about each of the topics with include the interior layers of the Earth, the structure and formation of volcanoes, types of rocks, continents and oceans -- all presented in an interactive format.

Tap the info button to read interesting facts about each important each topic. Teachers will really like this app. After students have read about the planets, they can tap the quiz button to measure their reading comprehension. In addition to the quiz there is also a word game that helps students review the information presented.

Charts and graphs are used to present comparison information about the volcanoes, continents and oceans. Interactive Earth Science Explorer is available for iOS and tvOS devices. It is just beautiful on a big screen TV and would be a wonderfully exciting tool in any science classroom.

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Special features make using the Interactive Earth Science Explorer fun:

1. Tap buttons to learn about interior layers, volcanoes, types of rocks, the atmosphere, the continents, the oceans, the rock cycle and more.

2. interesting facts are presented using charts and graphs.

3. Tap the quiz or game buttons to practice what you've learned.

4. Read about some of the amazing features of each planet.

5. Sound effects make the interaction even more fun.

6. Available for iPad, and Apple TV devices.

Available now for Apple TV

Bring the excitement of exploring the Earth to your classroom or living room with the Apple TV version of the Interactive Earth Science Explorer.