A Classic Learning Tool with Lots of New and Exciting Features!
Interactive Excitement in a Feature Packed Crosswords Game for Beginning Readers


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Crosswords for Young Readers creates an interactive word puzzle with many special additional features. The target row or column is selected by tapping one of the cells of the puzzle. The clue for the word is given by displaying an image and optionally the clue word can be spoken aloud.

Words in the puzzle are spelled by dragging letter tiles to the marked cells in the puzzle. If a letter is correct it will stick in place. If it is incorrect it automatically moves of the board.

Crosswords for Young Readers We designed our Crosswords for Young Readers to be a fun way to learn to read and spell new words.

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Special features make using Crosswords for Young Readers fun:

1. Tap the rows and columns in the crossword puzzle for clues.

2. Tap the scoreboard icon to see which puzzles have been solved.

3. Tap the info icon to learn how to solve the puzzles.

4. Turn sound effects on or off.

5. Use the speech function to hear words pronounced.

6. Available for iPad.