Help Your Students Improve Time Management Skills...


ClassTimer for iPad is a useful tool for anybody who need to effectively manage time. Help students stay focused on the completing their assigments in a timely way and improve study skills through better time management.

Our ClassTimer is designed to help teachers transform their classrooms into amazingly productive environments. ClassTimer helps students visualize time and understand it as fundamental concept that needs to be managed in order to be productive. Good time management leads to success in school and work.

In addtion to the digital time display, ClassTimer includes a bar graph style display so that young children can visualize the time remaining for a particular task. Using ClassTimer children can better understand when the next phase of the school day will begin or when the time allotted for a task will end.

Students at all levels can benefit from better time management skills. Whether they are taking a standardized test, working in a small group on a project or involved in a form of creative expression, they will be better able to succeed if they properly manage the available time.


Using a timer in a classroom can be a great way to manage time effectively and keep students engaged. Here are some ways to use a timer in a classroom setting:

  1. Transition Times: Set a timer to indicate when it's time for students to transition from one activity to another. This helps keep the class on schedule and reduces downtime.

  2. Task Completion: Use a timer to allocate a specific amount of time for completing tasks or assignments. This can help students stay focused and work efficiently.

  3. Group Activities: When students are working in groups, set a timer to ensure that each group has an equal amount of time to work on their task or project. This promotes teamwork and collaboration.

  4. Brain Breaks: Incorporate short breaks into the lesson plan by setting a timer to signal when it's time for students to take a quick break and stretch or relax. This can help improve focus and productivity.

  5. Quiz or Test Timing: Use a timer to set time limits for quizzes or tests. This helps students manage their time effectively during assessments and promotes a fair testing environment.

  6. Class Discussions: Set a timer for class discussions to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate and that the conversation stays on track. This also helps prevent discussions from dragging on too long.

  7. Independent Work Time: Allocate a specific amount of time for students to work independently on assignments or projects. Setting a timer helps students stay focused and manage their time wisely.

  8. Game or Review Sessions: Use a timer during review sessions or educational games to add an element of excitement and competition. Setting a time limit can also help keep the activity moving at a steady pace.

  9. Presentation Timing: When students are giving presentations, use a timer to ensure that each student stays within their allotted time. This helps teach time management skills and keeps presentations on schedule.

  10. Clean-Up Time: Set a timer to signal when it's time for students to clean up their workspaces or classroom materials. This promotes responsibility and helps keep the classroom organized.

By incorporating timers into various aspects of classroom management, teachers can create a more structured and productive learning environment while also teaching valuable time management skills to students.

The ClassTimer makes it easy to visualize the passage of time. Several options increase its usefulness. Selectable buzzer sounds signal that the allotted time period has come to an end. The alert sound can be turned on or off. Usually classroom teachers will use the minutes and seconds display (MM:SS), but in some cases may want to switch to the hours and minutes display (HH:MM). The ClassTimer works in stand-alone mode on an iPad or can be connected to a digital projector using an optional cable suppplied by Apple or it can be connected wirelessly to Apple TV.



ClassTimer Controls

ClassTimer has several useful features. In addtion to the very large display, a bar graph style indicator shows the remaining time as a percentage. Timer functions include a user selected audible sound effect to signal the end of a turn.

Control Functions:

  • Activate or deactive the sound played when time is up.
  • Choose different audible signals by tapping the display.
  • Select between the hours and minutes display or the minutes and seconds display.
  • Tap the green arrow to start the countdown clock.
  • Tap stop to stop the timer.
  • Tap pause to pause the countdown.
  • Tap restart to reset the clock.
  • Slide the alarm sound to either on on off.

ClassTimer is now available at the Apple App Store.