Score Bocce Games Using Augmented Reality
The Interactive Excitement of AR Technology in a Feature Packed Scoring Tool...

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Easily measure the distance that bocce balls are from the pallino using this Augmented Reality app.

Enjoy playing bocce? Enhance your enjoyment using the Bocce Toolkit AR. It is often difficult to judge which of two balls are closer to the pallino. Using the Bocce Toolkit all you need to do is point the target on your iPhone or iPad screen at the pallino, then move the target to either a red ball or a green ball and tap the appropriate ball icon on the screen. Instantly the app concludes which ball is closer and marks it with a highlight. If sounds effects are turned on the closer ball will be announced.

In addition you can use the Bocce Toolkit AR to keep score by moving markers up the screen to show the number of points that each team has.

Be sure that your iPad or iPhone allows access to the camera function by choosing Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Off for the camera access feature..


Add the excitement of Augmented Reality to your bocce game.