Beetle Battle is a board game for one or two players. It is similar to Checkers and also the Japanese game Shogi. You can play with a friend or match your wits against the computer. In the game, two armies of beetles swarm out from their home territories and try to capture opponents by making 'beetle sandwiches'. The object of the game is to make a 'beetle chain' of five or more beetles.


Beetle Battle

Beetle Battle is an exciting strategy game that is similar to the Japanese game Shogi. In this version of the game armies of beetles swarm out from their home territory and try to take capture the opposing beetles. Beetles are captured by making a 'beetle sandwich'.

Sound delicious? A 'beetle sandwich' is where one or more beetles are trapped between two beetles from the opposing team.

MOVES and JUMPS: During a turn a player can move one or more spaces in any of four directions: forward, backward, left or right. A beetle jump over any adjacent beetle. To make a move touch a beetle and then touch the destination. Capture your opponents beetles by making a 'beetle sandwich'.

WINNING: A player wins the game by making a 'beetle chain' of five or more beetles. The chain can be in any direction, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.


for iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

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