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An Introduction to the Alphabet for your iPhone...

Reading is the most basic skill your child will learn in school. The ability to read is the key to success in other school subjects and the basis for lifelong, independent learning. Reading opens the door to new experiences and personal growth, which in turn lead to a life of success and happiness. Isn’t that what all parents want for their children?

How do children learn to read? The answer to this question is much debated, and can be as varied as the learning styles of different children. Some youngsters learn best through the “whole language” approach, where they are exposed to high quality literature and eventually begin to read. Others need a systematic introduction to phonics, where they are introduced to the alphabet, the sounds of the letters, and the rules and exceptions to combinations of letters.

As a parent with a busy schedule, how can you help your child become a reader? Chances are, you’re already doing it. Talk to your child. Listen when your child talks. Read books and magazines to your youngster. You’ll be amazed at how much your son or daughter will learn if you’ll simply read a book together every day.

Whether your child will learn through the whole language approach or the phonics approach (or a combination of both), learning the alphabet will be a source of great enjoyment for your preschooler. Once your child has learned the letters, he or she will want to practice using them often.

Alphabet Animals is a fun, convenient way to introduce and reinforce the alphabet with your preschooler. For all the times you and your child have a minute or two, this iPhone application is the perfect opportunity to review the letters of the alphabet. It will entertain both of you while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, or traveling by bus or train. The possibilities are endless.

  • Letters fade into animal shapes
  • Each letter is pronounced
  • Each animal name is pronounced.
  • ABC's Sing-Along
  • Touch and Hear Alphabet Buttons
  • Sequential/Random option for determining the selection of Flash Cards
  • On/Off option for sound effects
flash cards

Alphabet Animal Flash Cards

Alphabet Animal Flash Cards teach letter recognition in a variety of ways. Letters appear on the screen and dissolve into animals with a similar shape. As each letter appears, it is pronounced. The screen fades into the animal, and the name of the animal is pronounced.

The child controls the pace of the learning experience by either swiping the screen, or clicking a button to move to the next flash card.

The Preferences screen provides control over three options. Sound effects can be turned on and off. Whether a letter or animal name is spoken can also be controlled. For variety and to hold the child's interest, you can change whether the letter or the animal is displayed first.

Letter Buttons

Letter Buttons is an interactive game where the child touches a button that is labeled with one of sixteen different letters. When the letter is touched, an animal whose name begins with that letter is displayed.

Shaking the phone randomly selects a different set of sixteen letters.

There are different ways to play this game. Ask your child to touch each button and say the name of the letter and then the name of the animal. Or, say the name of one of the letters and ask your child to find and touch it. Another approach is to ask your child to predict the name of the animal that will appear before the letter is touched. Perhaps you and your child can think of more variations.





Alphabeats is an ABC Sing-Along Song. As the child taps the screen, the cheetah plays the next note on his saxophone, and a letter or word appears in the soap bubble.

In addition to helping the child learn the alphabet, this activity helps to develop a sense of rhythm and melody.

Alphabet Animals is available at the Apple iTunes Store.