A Classic Learning Tool with Lots of New and Exciting Features!
Interactive Excitement in a Feature Packed Abacus Simulation


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Abacus Deluxe is a simulation of a real Chinese abacus with many special additional features. The abacus is one of the first machines used for calculating. With this abacus students can learn to count and do basic arithmetic.

A typical abacus is made from a wooden frame, with either bamboo or metal rods, and wooden or ceramic beads. People who master the abacus spend a great deal of time practicing the use of the device. With this iPad abacus students can practice math in a fun and interactive way and just like an abacus master become faster with mental math than a person using an electronic calculator.

In China and other parts of Asia the abacus is still used widely to count and calculate. We designed our iOS abacus to be a fun way to learn counting and calculating.

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Special features make using Abacus Deluxe fun:

1. Tap the top of the abacus to learn place values.

2. Tap the plus or minus to get practice problems.

3. Show the meaning of each bead with a transparent overlay.

4. Turn sound effects on or off.

5. Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod.