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The Ventura Educational Systems website features educational technology and instructional software for K-12 schools, community colleges and colleges and universities as well as government training facilities. Our recent focus has been on developing iPad apps. We publish and sell products for the elementary, secondary and college/university levels. Our product line of educational technology includes products for math, algebra and geometry, general science, biology and chemistry.

In addition, our math and science software and our clip-art for teachers series are very popular resources for teachers using Macintosh or Windows computers. We think our software provides teachers and students with some very effective learning tools. For example, our math programs are designed to help students learn to value mathematics and to become mathematical problem solvers.

We take a constructivist approach and want students to grow confident in their ability to communicate and reason mathematically. We want students to understand science concepts and our science programs help students focus on the essential ideas and key concepts that are required to fully understand the selected topic.

Our products include instructional strategies that combine the use of manipulatives with specialized software tools. An example of this is our highly successful Hands-On Math Series which has been recognized by educators as a very effective tool to help children develop a deep understanding of fundamental math concepts.

Ventura Educational Systems strives to help schools implement educational technology.

Dr. Fred Ventura is a app developer whose work focuses on creating educational learning environments where students become engaged in active learning experiences. As an educator with experience at the elementary, secondary and college levels, Dr. Ventura brings a unique perspective to software design. He holds a doctorate in education from the University of California. He continues to develop new iOS and tvOS apps that are used in schools throughout world. Some of his latest projects include the Giants of Math and Science Series which presents the significant developments in the history of math and science in a historical context. Recently Ventura Educational Systems has released several titles in the interactive explorer series. Some of the titles include the Interactive Solar System Explorer and the Interactive Earth Science Explorer. In partnership with California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, Ventura Educational Systems developed Atomic Tiles, an app designed to help students understand how molecules are constructed.
Marne Ventura is the author of more than one hundred books for children. A former elementary school teacher, she holds a Master’s Degree in Reading and Language Development from the University of California. Marne’s nonfiction titles cover a wide range of topics, including STEM, arts and crafts, food and cooking, biographies, health, and survival. Her fiction series, the Worry Warriors, tells the story of four brave kids who learn to conquer their fears. For more information about Marne's books please visit: or read about Marne's books on this website.
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At Ventura Educational Systems we strive to bring you the best in educational technology. Our goal is to provide schools with the tools to support an active teaching and active learning environment.

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